Week 102 - Castle

  • I spent the first half of the week in onsite planning meetings with colleagues over from the US. I’m pleased because I have plenty of hiring and team-building to do. I can’t say too much more, but there’s plenty of growth to come over the next year.
  • We took our visitors out to dinner at The Ivy Brasserie: my first trip into central Cambridge since starting, and also my first visit in over 20 years. The evening was fine, although I had to stay on the alcohol-free beer because of my 50-minute drive home.
  • I made up for that booze-free night on Friday with drinks with L at The Goat followed by a curry next door to mark the start of our childfree wedding anniversary weekend. The boys were staying with their grandparents for two nights so we had arranged a night out in the village followed by a trip to our old haunt, Windsor.
  • Years ago L and I met, dated and then lived together in Windsor, so we decided to drive back for a nostalgic weekend and overnight stay. L predictably headed for the shops while I had a wander up around the castle, then we had a lively dinner in La Fassia (original date 2), drinks at The Duchess of Cambridge, at our old local, The Prince Arthur, The George in Eton and then back to our hotel.
  • Half-hearted plans of heading to clubs in the arches were never likely to be fulfilled, especially after seeing the local young people heading down. We were happily in bed by half eleven.
  • Then to IKEA in Reading the next morning to rendezvous with my in-laws, scoop up the children and waste money on fake plants and plastic storage boxes.
  • Thankfully we were back home in Hertfordshire in time to watch Arsenal win the Community Shield: the boys’ first experience of watching us lift a trophy, even if I will admit it barely counts.