Week 105 - Holt

  • We’ve been on holiday this past week-and-a-bit, so these weeknotes are a little late to be published.
  • We stayed in a cottage in the Norfolk town of Holt, a little further east than previous visits to the county. We liked it. There are decent beaches nearby, as well as playgrounds, cosy pubs and excellent fish and chips.
  • Our boys were able to manage a long Sunday lunch at The Feathers without too much griping, or talk of farts and poos. Burgers, chips and ice cream all help. Plus, we employed the mind-focusing reward of a pack of football cards if they behave.
  • While there is the risk of tears and squabbling if one child finds a Golden Baller in a pack, football cards kept them both occupied throughout the holiday. Each morning they re-arranged their albums and discussed their best players. I like to think I know football, but their questions about Burnley reserves were starting to stump me.
  • I don’t find it particularly relaxing driving down narrow, single-track lanes with grass down the middle and SUVs coming the other way trying to squeeze past you… like in Cornwall. North Norfolk has proper A-roads so my stress levels can remain normal.
  • While away we had a cat-sitter for Poppy for the first time. Her normal cattery was fully-booked, so we used a local person to visit, refill her bowls and give her some strokes. It was reassuring to see Poppy being well looked after on her camera.
  • Netflix series recommendation: Fisk. Lovely gentle, indie comedy from Australia.