Week 107 - Scorching

  • Big week back at work after my holiday. Since I joined I’ve been preparing our team for a move from a single, flat, project-based structure to multiple long-lived, cross-functional delivery teams. We begin next week.
  • School has restarted. I’d forgotten how quiet it was when working from home. No issues from either boy: both were very happy to be back.
  • It’s been four consecutive 30+C days. It’s just far too hot for September and everyone’s lethargic. We’ve definitely broken the climate.
  • I’m enjoying the Rugby World Cup. In contrast to England’s stodgy warm-up I saw at Twickenham, they were excellent in their opener against Argentina. A long way to go.
  • While the boys are still obsessed with football cards they’ve also rediscovered their Pokémon cards. I have no idea what they’re talking about. I can offer opinions on midfielders but my Pokémon knowledge starts and ends with Pikachu.
  • I’m currently top of our fantasy football league and now H is entering his school’s league. He’s very excited and has been tinkering with his first squad all week. I may have some serious competition.