Week 110 - Cold

  • I was in the office for an extra day this week. We hosted a three-day workshop for engineering leaders from across the company, including peers from Poland and Serbia. Relationships were strengthened in-person: it felt productive just being in the same room together.
  • It was a full-on working week, including a late video call on Thursday and a Friday of back-to-back 1:1s to catch up after the workshop. By the weekend my tired head was full of cold and even taking all the drugs hasn’t completely cleared the fog. I write these notes thanks to the magic of Lemsip, Sudafed and Otrivine.
  • I caved in and bought FIFA EA FC 24 for the Switch. It seems a big leap forward in the game engine compared to last year’s version, but it’s a little too demanding for the Switch’s ageing hardware, even our updated OLED model. The game disappointingly runs at 30fps and lags at times. I briefly contemplated buying a PS5…
  • I did make it outside to watch the boys play football in their respective age groups. They were on the same local playing fields at the same time so we could all travel together. I doubt we’ll be that lucky in future and L and I fully expect our Saturdays to require driving them in separate cars to either side of Hertfordshire.
  • From the sofa I watched my biennial golf tournament, enjoying a tense(ish) finish as Europe regained the Ryder Cup. I’m not fussed watching individuals playing golf, but the team format makes all the difference.