Week 113 - Chicken

  • The seasons have clearly shifted. It’s been wet, grey and gloomy all week. I’ve even needed an umbrella to switch between the house and my garden office while working from home.
  • Saturday’s under-8s match was seriously soggy. The boys’ passing was a bit off. Much like Arsenal’s men later in the day. Sadly the boys narrowly lost, while the men fought back to draw against Chelsea.
  • Watching Arsenal on TV, H was wearing a blue Inter shirt. At 2-0 down we agreed blue was bad luck so he switched to a red shirt. He takes full responsibility and will wear the correct colour replica shirt in future.
  • Our two boys both had glowing reports in their teacher-parent consultations. I’m proud to hear they enjoying learning and growing from their (somehow increasingly young) teachers.
  • I’ve decided to start a family Sunday roast tradition. The idea is for us to sit down together and gradually get the children to eat food they had previously avoided.
  • This week’s lunch and verdicts: roast chicken (just about ok), roast/baked potatoes (reluctant), carrots (yummy), broccoli (yuck), red cabbage (no chance), Yorkshire puddings (love) and onion gravy (not the bits). We will persevere.