Week 115 - Fireworks

  • Is it wrong to be a bit jealous of your eight-year-old son for his birthday party? We brought several of his little friends (no girls) to a trampoline park for a couple of hours’ bouncing, pizzas and ice cream. I watched on enviously with a coffee, chatting to parents when I might have been bouncing.
  • I had two new starters in my team this week, one of whom is a direct report. Graham’s an old contact who I know will be a very capable, professional addition. We’re also going through a mini re-org across the company, so it’s requiring plenty of chats and alignment.
  • C had his first school assembly with parents invited. It had a Three Little Pigs theme. He delivered his lines beautifully and then they sang a song about creation and prayed. Such is the way in C of E schools.
  • I had a boozy lunch (or “busy lunch” as C calls it) on Friday with some ex-colleagues for our bi-annual catch-up. As always, we went to Smith’s in Paddington, drank plenty of red wine and enjoyed stories of our years working together. And miraculously no hangover in the morning.
  • The rain stopped long enough for the village fireworks on Saturday. Call me an old curmudgeon, but after a few minutes of staring up in the sky watching bangs and fizzes and I was ready to be home in the warm. Full marks though to the village volunteers for a faultless display.
  • I finished Rory Stewart’s Politics on the Edge. I found him warm, engaging and inspiring as an empathetic leader in government departments where he persisted in trying to bring change.
  • This week’s roast: another chicken, this time with some gluten-free stuffing which disappointingly fell apart. The boys made excellent apple strudel parcels with salted caramel ice cream for pudding. And now I am happily full.