Week 116 - Quiz

  • I spent two days in East London this week at CTO Craft Con, a conference aimed at technology leaders. It was my first such event since I joined a panel on feedback loops in 2021, and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes conference speakers can be hit-and-miss, the talks not relevant or it’s too crowded. This one was spot-on. I even pushed myself into networking and introducing myself.
  • It’s my birthday this month. I’m very aware that I’m difficult to buy for because I don’t find myself wanting very much. I have a stack of unread books, and now that everything is streamed, I can’t ask for DVDs or CDs anymore. I think clothes are the answer.
  • It’s also my car’s birthday: a milestone. I bought it new, ten years ago this week. Its technology may be fairly old-fashioned, but it’s still going strong, and while I continue to watch EVs evolve (and come down in price), my car is perfectly fine for my trips to my office and back. For now.
  • For the first time, both boys had a football match at the same time. H’s team, in their third season, won 4-0; C’s team, playing their first match, lost 16-0, but he wasn’t disheartened and is excited for his next fixture.
  • It was the annual quiz night at the local tennis club, for which I was roped into joining a team. I neither play tennis, nor remember agreeing to participate, but a babysitter was booked, it was a night out and L was driving. We finished fifth. Just. We need to practise anagrams.
  • Roastwatch: pork shoulder. I ignored minor grizzling from my family because of slight pinkness (which is fine). All was eaten, then trifle.