Week 120 - Hotel

  • It was my work’s Christmas party this week. I caught the train up to Cambridge so that I could have a couple of drinks. We were at the historic and beautiful University Arms hotel. As an outsider I didn’t know its significance or reputation, and I felt a little underdressed by not wearing black tie.
  • But I struggled to enjoy the party itself. I’m not sure if it was the continuing effects of my bum/back injury, the loud music that made it hard to chat, or my introversion kicking in, but I was happy to jump in my taxi at the end of the evening and get home to my bed.
  • The aforementioned injury is still causing me discomfort, making sitting or stretching in some positions painful. I decided it was best to act and have booked a doctors appointment next week to check it out.
  • L has been selling some old garden toys, including the boys’ balance bikes. And we said goodbye to the Cozy Coupe: the little red car with a yellow roof. The boys are far too big to squeeze into it these days, but I have fond memories of zooming them around the garden in it.
  • In between the rain I’ve put up the outside twinkly Christmas lights, connected to a smart plug of course.
  • Mercifully my Christmas shopping is about 90% done.
  • This time next week I’ll be flying to Belgrade for a short work trip.