Week 126 - Chess

  • We can’t avoid it any longer. It’s time to search for a summer holiday. A drive to a nice gîte in France near the beach is currently the most likely option, but we keep flip-flopping, looking at flights and ferries. Too many options.
  • H asked to play chess this weekend. He’d been learning with other children at school and wanted to challenge me. I needed to give him advice, but he pushed me close. It surely won’t be long before he beats his old dad.
  • We finished season two of Reacher: violent but watchable.
  • We dragged the boys out in the chilly conditions for a long (for them) walk across the fields around the village. They grizzled initially about leaving their devices, but they enjoyed quizzing each other on their top-3 footballers from different teams/eras. And the exercise did us all some good.
  • We had a family cinema visit to watch Wonka in Letchworth on Sunday. I thought I’d made a horrible mistake when it started off with a big musical number, but the songs were a minor part and we all enjoyed the film. The cast is full of British favourites with one scene even including Peep Show’s Johnson and Big Suze. Our five year old even lasted the whole two hours.
  • Storm Isha is smashing into the side of the house this evening. I’m glad to be working from home in the morning.