Week 127 - Comedy

  • I met up with Andy on Monday in London to see some live comedy: Richard Herring’s RHLSTP recording with Bob Mortimer and Urooj Ashfaq. Bob kept apologising for being a late replacement for Bill Bailey, but the audience thoroughly loved his rambling hour. He’s a national treasure. The theatre thinned out a bit for Urooj in the second half, but I also really enjoyed her section.
  • I must do more comedy nights. London’s not too far away when the trains are actually running.
  • The gastroenterologist was happy with my CT scan and blood test results, and so the gluten-free, low-FODMAP diet is over. Just as I’d stocked up on £3-a-loaf fake bread! It’s reassuring to know the organs in my abdomen are all fine and that there’s nothing sinister at work.
  • Instead I now have a safe-sounding drug to take nightly. It can help with sleep as a positive side effect, so I’ve been sleeping well this week and without stomach cramps. Bonus.
  • I’ve begun meeting with an engineering leadership coach over Zoom. I’ve wanted to work with one for a very long time, so I’m delighted to have started a programme with the excellent Joel Chippindale. He’s already helping me to explore themes and identify areas to improve. So far so good.
  • For the very first time I’m due a tax rebate from my Self Assessment. It’s because of overpayment when I started my new job, but I’m not complaining.