Week 130 - Pancakes

  • This week each year is always busy in our family: we have two birthdays, Valentine’s Day and (this year) Pancake Day to contend with.
  • First up was youngest son C’s birthday party at Gravity, a big warehouse full of trampolines, bouncy castles and soft play equipment. It’s a well-run operation. After the bouncing the tired children were seated and supplied with pizzas, hot dogs and ice creams.
  • L’s parents arrived in the latter half of the week to stay for a few nights. We went for a family dinner at a nearby Greek restaurant because of, “the best humous in the world,” according to birthday-boy C. And then they babysat on L’s birthday so that we could go for dinner on our own.
  • The boys scoffed their pancakes. I didn’t have any, sadly, but I made a pretty decent lemon drizzle cake (note to self: don’t start baking at 9pm) for L and selected some well-received presents for her birthday.
  • Our boys have discovered Gladiators on Saturday night TV. Apart from football this is about the only “live” TV they watch. Of course they want to recreate the events against me. I am proudly undefeated in the living room Gauntlet run.
  • We’ve finished The Bear. One of the very best programmes we’ve seen. Richie’s character arc was beautifully done.
  • The colour temperature on our living room TV is getting bluer. I’ve tried to counteract the coldness by shifting the control all the way to the warm end of the spectrum, but it’s still disappointingly blue. I need to try a factory reset.
  • By this weekend we were all very tired. After L’s parents departed we had a very quiet Saturday and only left the house on Sunday for a slow walk in the sunshine.
  • The snowdrops and daffodils are coming out. Spring is just around the corner.