Week 131 - Towers

  • It was the children’s half-term holidays this week. I decided to take Monday off work so that we could all travel in to London together for some sightseeing.
  • C’s current obsession is monuments and Big Ben (or more correctly the Elizabeth Tower) is a favourite. We stepped out of Westminster station and there it was, looming over him across the street. He was a very happy boy.
  • Next was Tower Bridge. We walked down Embankment for a while and finished the journey on the tube. We climbed up the stairs, listened to the history talk and walked across and down to the engine rooms. Less impressive for the boys from the inside but I enjoyed it.
  • While in town I also met up with Kate, an ex-colleague from my Gumtree days and now a VC at a fund in London. We drank goji tea while we chatted about startups, learning to network and career journeys. It was fun to catch up.
  • We’re really enjoying the Mr and Mrs Smith series on Amazon.
  • This weekend we went on a long walk, the boys willingly helped me scrape moss from the garden paving and then I put on my football boots for a kick-around in the park with H. He tired out his old dad, claiming three (dubious) nutmegs.