Week 132 - TV

  • Repairmen have taken away our increasingly blue TV. I’m glad we bought it through John Lewis: it’s four years through its five-year warranty and they arranged a pick-up without any fuss. While it’s being fixed we’re left with a big, sad space on the wall that I keep looking at.
  • Luckily we have a smaller TV in the familykids’ room. When the boys are in bed we first have to clear a space on their sofa before settling down. We’ve been watching Noel Fielding’s Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin. It’s very silly and a welcome change from the gritty murder series we keep watching.
  • It’s rained all week. The boys had Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets and so asked to visit Smyths Toys to spend their pounds on something they could enjoy inside. C was very happy with his Harry Potter Lego castle. H chose football cards and Mario Maker 2 for the Switch. He’s been building me some truly evil Mario levels and then being annoyed when I find a loophole and complete them - it still counts.
  • We’ve been sofa shopping as part of a living room revamp. I do not enjoy this activity. I’ve sat on many, many sofas this weekend and each seems to have a flaw. Too high, too low, too squidgy, too old-fashioned, too deep, etc. And all are too expensive. We also have colour swatches. This is now my life.