Week 133 - SIM

  • The week started with an alarming text message from O2 saying that my SIM is on its way and I should confirm a SIM swap. I’m not a customer of O2, nor do I wish to swap my SIM, so this was clearly a scam. A phone call to my actual operator established that no port or swap was in progress. Phew. Three calls to O2 to make sure, however, were inconclusive because “the system is down”. Unnecessary stress but I think I’m safe.
  • I set an alarm for a 1am work group meeting mid-week. It was worthwhile to show my (Zoom) face but it was pretty jarring to my sleep patterns, so I’m reassured that it’s a one-off.
  • It turns out our blue-tinted telly is borked. John Lewis engineers can’t repair it so offered us £450 in credit. Not bad for a four-year-old box. But now the temptation is to spend much more than that on something fancier. Do we need OLED and Dolby Vision? Do we need a Dolby Atmos soundbar? I’ve been poring over reviews and convincing myself that the answer to these questions is no but also yes.
  • For Mother’s Day, the boys (me) bought their mummy a box of nice cupcakes, a rose plant and a mug with their grinning faces on it. I drove us all to Ikea in Wembley to look at sofas and bric-a-brac (her choice) and eat meatballs (my choice) while our bored children grizzled their way around the store.
  • And Arsenal are top of the league again! Could it be our year? 🤞