Week 134 - Yawn

  • After several evenings spent reading/watching TV reviews, I’ve pushed the button on a Samsung S90C, plus a half-price surround sound package. Our last set needed two repairs under warranty so I decided to buy from Richer Sounds for their 6-year guarantee. The new telly arrives sometime next week and I’m already planning the HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos content with which to put it through its paces.
  • My garden office has started to sink at one corner and there’s now a sense of the floor not being level when I walk around inside. The builder who visited this week frowned and took away lots of measurements. I’m preparing myself for expensive work.
  • Arsenal squeaked through on penalties to the Champions League quarter-finals and are still top of the Premier League going into the international break. It could all change of course, but it’s lots of fun.
  • Saturday night’s sleep was very disturbed. We had a vomiting child to look after in the early hours and, separately, I’ve picked up a cold. Our plan to do more sofa-trying in the morning was quickly cancelled in favour of a quiet day at home. I’m very tired.
  • Friends of ours are having a baby so we’ve donated our unneeded cot. Both our children slept in it when they were infants so it was a little sad to bring it down from the loft and wave it goodbye. Looking at our two big growing boys it’s clear that the baby stage in our lives is over 🥺