Week 138 - Typewriter

  • Back from holiday I officially started a new role at work leading Enterprise Engineering. I spent my first week joining calls, meeting new colleagues and planning.
  • The boys are in their second week of Easter holidays. They had a day at football camp / Willy Wonka workshop respectively and then L took them to her parents’ in Wiltshire for a couple of days. They discovered Granny’s old typewriter and were absorbed typing letters, poems and quizzes. Who needs iPads?
  • The first of our two new sofas was delivered. It’s dark blue, very comfy and thankfully fits well in our living room.
  • My bi-annual lunch with ex-colleagues has grown to five of us. I booked Friday off and travelled in to London. As always we ate at Smith’s and then drank far too much red wine.
  • The sun came out at the weekend. The boys and I played cricket in the garden - I couldn’t stop myself hitting a ball over the fence - and then they teamed up to take on their Daddy at football and rugby. I ended with muddy knees and needed a shower.
  • Liverpool lost but so did Arsenal. Frustrating.