Week 139 - Home

  • The boys (and their mum) are back at school so the house is quiet again during the week. Even though I work from an office at the end of our garden I like popping in to the house to get a coffee and see them all.
  • I spent lots of time with youngest son, C, this week. He ably assisted me in assembling new surround speaker stands, I popped in to school to watch his assembly (space and flying themed), and then we spent Saturday morning together at his first football tournament.
  • He had his first proper matches, playing against children with clearly much more experience from bigger towns. It was brutal. 0-26 was the aggregate score across the four matches. I kept his spirits up with a burger and bribes of snacks but after the final match he was in tears. Back home he was much happier, spending a quiet afternoon watching Bluey on his iPad.
  • The home furnishing changes continue: we swapped the sofa from my office with the armchair in our kitchen to give us more seating. And after a Sunday trip to John Lewis to try out kitchen/dining chairs we ordered six new chairs, arriving next week. Meanwhile the boys’ toys have been relocated from the living room to their bedrooms. Much better.