Week 141 - Voted

  • As part of my new role I’ve got some work travel coming up later this month. First, a few days in Amsterdam for a customer visit, then to San Diego to meet up with West Coast US colleagues at our HQ. I’ve had a couple of 8pm meetings this week; it’s much easier to find sensible, mutual meeting times when you’re in the main office.
  • The weather flits between encouraging sunshine and depressing drizzle. I often need a waterproof or umbrella for the steps between the house and my garden office so I’ve bought myself a smart freestanding coat stand to hang up my jacket.
  • I voted in the local council and police commissioner elections, my first requiring a photo ID. We had a reasonable turnout but, in stark contrast to the rest of the country who sent a clear message to the inept government, both seats went to the Tories. It’s that kind of area.
  • We drove over to Oxfordshire for Sunday lunch with Tim, Debbie and their son. The boys all played well together and ate their roast chicken. Tim cooks a mean roast, with the addition of beetroot which I will have to try. We brought cakes: a lemon-and-lime drizzle by me and a wheat-free, dairy-free chocolate cake by L. Both were enjoyed although I was particularly proud of my sponge.