Week 142 - Rosé

  • Lots of furniture deliveries this week. We now have a second sofa (dark green, big, a bit upright), an armchair (darker red than we thought), a side table (perfect) and two lamps (yet to be set up). The living room is almost complete but we’re experiencing a little post-purchase dissonance. I’ve been sitting on my old sofa since 2008 so I guess it’ll take time to adjust.
  • So much packaging has been accumulated: mostly cardboard which is easy to recycle but also packing foam which is a pain to dispose of.
  • New iPads were unveiled this week. Pass. My 2017 iPad Pro is fine for the iPadding I do: YouTube, RSS feeds and a few magazines on Apple News+.
  • The temperature soared to a summery 23C at the weekend. We ate dinner outside on Saturday and then L and I shared a bottle of rosé in the garden when the boys were in bed. Very pleasant.
  • On Sunday the boys remembered they had a packet of 100 water balloons so we took them into the garden for a water fight. The balloons were soon gone. I ended the driest. When the boys then reached for their super soakers I wisely headed inside.
  • Arsenal won their penultimate league match 1-0 away at Manchester United. It felt a bit anti-climactic. In any other season this result would have been lustily celebrated but it will all be for naught if Manchester City win their final two matches. On Tuesday I will wince and cheer on Spurs to do Arsenal an unlikely but possible favour.
  • I’m off to Amsterdam tomorrow for a short work trip.