Week 146 - Kart

  • The boys were off school on Friday for teacher training so we caught the train into London for a museums day.
  • First stop was the Natural History Museum. We covered mammals, birds, dinosaurs, insects, volcanoes and earthquakes. C even posed with the statue of Charles Darwin who he’d been learning about at school. He wanted to read every display and press every button.
  • After obscenely expensive cake we moved next door to the Science Museum. The space exhibition went down well as did the human anatomy room, despite some awkward questions about the wax model of a pregnant woman. The boys were starting to tire when we reached the computing floor, failing to match my excitement at the eighties computers and ARM chips on display.
  • My lovely wife took the boys home so I could join Andy, Mike, Ben and Tim at The Oval as Sussex Sharks beat Surrey in the T20 cricket. I was nominally supporting Surrey - I lived there for seven years and my children were born there - but of more importance was enjoying a few nice beers on a Friday evening.
  • The boys realised they could pool their pocket money and buy the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass for the Switch. They then spent several weekend hours playing and giggling together πŸ₯°. They even beat their daddy in a grand prix tournament.
  • H’s under-8s football team had a Sunday morning friendly. The coaches agreed to play 7-a-side in preparation for next season when the boys move up a level. It meant more running, more passing and a lot more effort. One tournament to go and then a break for the summer.