Week 148 - Healthy

  • It’s our 10th wedding anniversary coming up in August. I’ve decided to work on a little project (shh, top secret) as a surprise present for L. But it’s tricky working on something biggish that needs focus and to be kept private with small boys buzzing around and a wife who can see my laptop.
  • Helpfully L spent Sunday in London with her friend Leila so I squirrelled myself away for an afternoon and allowed the boys as much screen time as they wanted. I’m not finished but I’m relieved to be three-quarters through.
  • Three years ago, during lockdown, I lost about 15kg. The key for me was using the Lose It! app to count every calorie I ate. I did a bit more exercise but it was staying conscious of which foods were calorific that made the difference. I’ve since returned to bad habits and my weight has steadily climbed. This week I redownloaded the app and I’ve started again. Wish me luck.
  • Of course L came back from her day in London with a cinnamon bun to share. I just had a nibble, promise.
  • The exercise part of my health kick is a daily half-hour walk around the village or a kick-around in the park with H. He’s always happy to tire out his old man.