Week 150 - Electric

  • Labour won the General Election. And for the first time in my life I’ll be represented locally by someone I voted for. I keep politics to myself on here but I’m relieved we’ll finally be rid of the previous shower of a government. Grown-ups are back in charge.
  • It’s been raining on-and-off. Cricket was cancelled for the boys so we decided to take them to the cinema. I didn’t fancy their choice of two hours of Garfield but my lovely wife agreed to take them while I saw A Quiet Place: Day One at the same time. Apocalyptic, tense, horrible-alien films are more my jam.
  • England are somehow through to the semi-finals of the Euros. I wouldn’t say I’m warming to this team but they’re grinding out the results. Of course Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka is objectively our best player. What a man.
  • Tesla have started doing 0% finance deals in the UK. I’ve been interested in an EV for a while: I’ve watched all the videos on YouTube and played with the Tesla configurator many times but couldn’t justify it. Today I had an hour with a Long Range Model 3, managed entirely through the app without any salesperson present. It’s as good as I expected. We’re going back again tomorrow lunchtime for L to have her turn.
  • So this is weeknote 150 which I suppose is a roundish number. I continue not to resent the chore of recapping my weeks while sitting on the sofa on Sunday evenings. I’ll keep going.