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When innerHTML isn’t Fast Enough

This replacement method is much faster when many elements are being removed in one go

Dean Edwards: Yet Another JavaScript Library Without Documentation

base2.DOM: includes useful Javascript stuff without the heavy cruft of other libraries. I’m not sure I’d give up Prototype though.

John Resig - getElementsByClassName in Firefox 3

Microformat parsers (and similar class-based query systems) are suddenly going to get rather fast

Unobtrusive Javascript

Some useful tips to abstract behaviour from content

Jon Udell: Introduction to E4X

AKA ECMAScript for XML

Encytemedia: Introducing CSS event:Selectors

A bit like Behaviour but fits better with Prototype

JavaScript Tabifier automatically create an html tab interface

Simple tabs that degrade gracefully and attaches directly to the DOM The DOM Event Model

Mouse events - detailing properties like ctrlKey, altKey etc.


Elegant tabs using CSS and Javascript

xlab » Highlighting Labels

Matches a label to its radio/checkbox and highlights it when selected

Mozilla causing XSS in Livejournal

It’s down to the -moz-binding CSS attribute which can be used maliciously

Web Applications 1.0

Working draft of proposals for the future of HTML and the DOM

Edit in Place with JavaScript and CSS

DevBoi 0.5.1 Beta

Sidebar reference guides, including RoR

Unobtrusive & Persistant Effects | Exit 404

Keep your markup clean!

Agile Partners weblog » iPhoto-like image resizing using Javascript


cssQuery() is a powerful cross-browser JavaScript function that enables querying of a DOM document using CSS selectors. All CSS1 and CSS2 selectors are allowed plus quite a few CSS3 selectors.