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Ready to listen along to one of my favourite ever albums, Olympian by Gene #timstwitterlisteningparty

Olympian CD front

Elevator Music 1 hour

Handy for putting a group on hold during a conference call.

First time at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in about 20 years to see Teenage Fanclub revisit albums from my youth tonight. Loved every moment.

Making a looping lullaby box

My wife and I are expecting our second baby in the new year. Our first, now a toddler, loved his Ewan The Dream Sheep at night, especially its gentle harp lullaby music, but the short duration (20 minutes) meant we were frequently restarting the music to help him fully drift off.

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Once again, the only festive music worth listening to is Soma FM’s brilliant Christmas Rocks! radio.

Favourite bands/music colliding: Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) covers all of Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque.

“The 50 Best Britpop Albums”. Not sure all are /Britpop/, but god, I own and still listen to almost all of these.

Liked laurenlaverne’s post on Instagram
Happy #6music1994 day. What were you up to then and what do you want to hear from that year? It was my first trip to London to record a Peel Session with our band Kenickie!

Great memories of Chelmsford and gigs in my youth listening to @BBClamacqshow earlier tonight: The Army & Navy, The Y and @BassmentBar

Suede album launch at HMV Oxford St tonight. Brett is just magnificent close up.

I only started listening to Bowie in the last few years but I realised I’d been a fan all my life regardless. Phenomenal legacy.


Curated music for different types of public places

.@theryanadams’ album covering all of Taylor Swift’s 1989 is very listenable. Tempted to try her original.

Belle and Sebastian for two nights at the Royal Albert Hall in June.

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After a week-or-two of flirting with Apple Music, @Spotify’s new Discover feature has lured me back. Love its selection for me this week.

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My pick of the Isle of Wight Festival was La Femme: electronica from Paris. #lafemme

My pick of the Isle of Wight Festival was La Femme: electronica from Paris. #lafemme

On my way to the sunny-rainy Isle of Wight for the Festival. Covering all bases with wellies, suntan lotion, waterproof and flip-flops.

Suede - Love & Poison

Video from Suede’s 1993 Brixton gig


Free Mac app: ambient sound equalizer