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BICEPS — Paloma Medina

There are six core needs researchers find are most important for humans at work… Belonging, Improvement, Choice, Equality, Predictability, Significance.

4th time in Amsterdam in the last 6 months. #work

Remote Only

List of resources, tips and companies who only work remotely.

Big news at work today. I’m looking forward to working with my new Motors colleagues when the deal closes.

If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work

‘Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks’

Companies that run four-day weeks or reduced hours

6 Rules To Live By When You Work In An Office But Have Remote Team Members

You’re working in the wrong place

Alternatives to open offices

Superbly detailed piece from our DPM @hayleyhinsley on how she continuously grooms our product backlog.

How we make remote working work

New work blog post from me. Includes cheesy photo of my remote team coerced into giving a 👍

Zapier's Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Manager tip: I’m finding Next Meeting, a simple macOS menubar app, very useful to keep me on top of 1:1s, catch-ups and other events in my work calendar.

Next Meeting


A list of engineering manager resource links.

“Problem roadmaps not feature roadmaps” 👏❤️ #roadmap


Hire Freelancers & Get Freelance Jobs Online

How to go freelance (SuperHi)


A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by

Recent communication at work is exclusively via emoji reactions (reacji?) in Slack: 👍 👏 and 👀. Living the monosyllabic reclusive boss dream.