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October 2000

Rather predictably, we didn’t get the dream house. To quote the landlord, “I’d rather wait for a few more applicants before I make up my mind.” Which translates into, “I don’t want scummy British backpackers dirtying up my ‘funky’ house. I wouldn’t rent to you lot if you were the last $500-paying tenants on the face of the Earth.” Back to square one, then. Actually, we’re going back today to put a final, $600 offer on the table to tempt him so maybe maybe.

Had my Select job agency interview today which was easy. Sadly, they only had telesales to offer me so I guess I’ll have to ring up and irritate some Kiwis! More promising is a phone call I had from Enterprise who had an interested client for me to meet. More (hopefully successful) news soon.

It’s D-day today. Sue and I have both got interviews with job agencies and we also find out whether we’ve “won” our dream house. I’m actually far more nervous about the latter seeing us the other group of BUNACers who’d be waiting have been gasumped - the estate agents informed them that someone else had moved in! Which is nice.

I’m off to Enterprise in an hour who will hopefully set me up with some IT work and Sue’s going to Select. Fingers crossed.

Fifth day in NZ and everything’s less crazy. Jet lag’s getting better (although I do keep falling asleep at the pub) and we’ve started to explore Auckland. It’s a fantastic city, lots of pubs, bars, cafes, shops and things to do. The Kiwis are really friendly and helpful and we’re really enjoying ourselves.

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Got to New Zealand 23 hours after leaving our Bangkok hotel and were whisked away by the NZ organisers to a volcano overlooking Auckland. Knackered. Were forced out to drink ourselves awake (this was apparantly the best cure for jet lag) in a backpackers bar. Sue came second (marginally…) in a pool competition and amazed the Kiwi regulars.

Had our orientation today and are making our plans for the rest of our stay in NZ. Different people are going off doing different things and there’s lots to sort out. We’ve really got on with everyone and we’ll probably get a house in Ponsonby - to the west of Auckland - with a few others. It’s a fantastic city and the Kiwis are really friendly. The only problem are the bloody hills - our youth hostel’s right at the top of a 45 degree road!

(Writing this in NZ….) Arrived in Bangkok in the early hours - 26 degrees C! Had a sleep and then went on a cruise down the Klong river. Mixture of huge houses, shack houses all next door to each other. Highlight was being given bread to throw to the enormous fishes (could have been Carp?) that swam by the riverboat.

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Leaving on Friday morning - no ‘puter until then so next entry will be from somewhere in New Zealand. Hurrah!

Last day at work today. Seems weird because I’ve spent nine years working here on and off and have seen so many people leave and now it’s my turn. We’re off to the Griffin in Danbury after work and we’ll doubtless have a few beers to celebrate finally getting rid of me. So, cheers to everyone at RDIU and keep in touch!

Only a week to go! On Friday 20th at 11:15am Sue and I will leave England for at least a year to travel, live, work and drink beer all around the world. Our first stop is Bangkok for a night’s stop-over and then we’ll leave the ladyboys behind for the 48 million sheep of New Zealand. We plan for the Land of the Long White Cloud to be our home for about nine months. Then it’s Australia, Fiji, Honolulu, Los Angeles and then back to London.

We’re going with the nice people from BUNAC who sorted out our visas and everything. We’re also going with forty other travelly types who could be axe murdererers but will most probably be a good laugh. Anyway, this should be the start of many (far more interesting) entries so come back soon!