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February 2008

hoping @timblair doesn’t get our expensive MySQL consultant too trashed this evening. We’ve still got a day left of his time!

Excited by all the open social networking concepts Joseph Smarr’s talking about

Enjoying the warm welcome at US Passport Control. I just love being treated like a criminal. Finger prints? Good God.

Pingdom Web site monitoring for 100% uptime. Measure your downtime.

Includes uptime reports and Email/SMS alerts

Friends for Sale Architecture - A 300 Million Page View/Month Facebook RoR App

PERCONA - Scaling High Performance Web Sites

Remote DBA service, MySQL tuning

Using GIT for Rails Development

(instead of Subversion)

Quick review of the Facebook platform (with ColdFusion)

Softies on Rails: Where I host my Rails applications

Made by Elephant - We craft User Experiences

Start Your Own Business

TextMate Tip – The Ruby Bundle


on AIR Tour : London

“What to Bring: Yourself, laptop, any Flex, HTML and JavaScript apps you want to get running on Adobe AIR. We will provide the beer, coffee, food, XBoxes, schwag, knowledge, venue and bits.”

Poolga. iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers for the rest of us.

Get a tax free bike for work | CYCLESCHEME

Buy a bike through your employer and get it tax free. Could end up costing half price.

Jeremy Cole on MySQL Replication

“As you probably know MyISAM uses buffered IO so if master crashes you’re out of sync anyway - whatever sync_binlog option was set to”


Similar to Synergy but just for Macs

Why Social Ads Don’t Work - Bokardo

…because people aren’t looking for what’s being advertised. Advice is to focus on niches and have highly relevant, useful ads FancyZoom 1.1

Probably the nicest “click on a thumbnail and see the full image” effect

iPhone Cacheability - Making it Stick

Notes on designing for the iPhone/iPod Touch - small cache so keep everything minified/small

Country Network Allocations with Netmasks Included

Shows IP ranges/netmasks for each country. Updated daily.

A strftime for Prototype

Restful Authentication with all the bells and whistles

PatientsLikeMe : Patients Helping Patients Live Better Every Day

Specialist social networking site

How Ads Really Work: Superfans and Noobs | fortuitous

Focus advertising on the one-off visitors who arrive via searches; hide ads to the regular visitors/members

Sermo a sign of a larger trend toward specialized social networks - Bokardo

I see that the iPod Touch now has a 32Gb option. Think I’ll pick one of those babies up in Miami at the end of the month.

NetNewsWire -> instapaper (AppleScript)

Could be handy if I start using Instapaper

Rail Spikes: Auto-escaping HTML with Rails

Stops you forgetting to do this yourself

Softies on Rails: Rails REST 101 meets Rails 2.0

Best practice using Rails 2.0

Subtraction: I Wants These Fonts

Yummy slabs and lovely sans-serifs

mySociety » Travel-time maps

Map porn - various maps showing journey times on public transport from around London and journey vs average house prices. Fascinating yet depressing for first time buyers wanting to live and work in London.