Barry Frost

This is Barry Frost’s personal website.

And so it’s time to launch a new version of my personal website, Over the last few weeks I’ve been building this new platform from scratch with a few new key aims:

  1. Hosting all of my 10+ years of Pinboard/Delicious bookmarks, Twitter tweets and blog articles
  2. Sending replies, reposts and likes to IndieWeb sites and silos like Instagram
  3. Store all my content in files rather than in a database but cache/index using SQL/NoSQL
  4. Exposing a Micropub endpoint for creating new content
  5. Displaying reply/repost/like contexts above posts
  6. Bringing my software up-to-date with IndieWeb technologies
  7. Learning how to set up my server/VPS from scratch, rather than relying on Heroku

My last system #Baker offered a partial implementation of webmentions and syndications but was buggy and broken in places. My Microformats markup was also flaky. Hopefully this new attempt is a little more robust. Fuller details are in the colophon.

So kick the tyres, send this post a webmention from your site or respond on Twitter.