Week 14: Heating

  • I had the day off on Monday, shopping for a Big Coat for me with L in John Lewis. I don’t like shopping. I was unsuccessful, but at least enjoyed the coffee and panettone cheesecake in the cafe with my lovely wife.
  • C continues to have a horrible, persistent, filthy cough, and continues to record negative Covid tests. Poor boy had to miss his swimming lesson and two birthday parties.
  • We rewatched the excellent John Wick. I logged this on Letterboxd, but I was irritated that I don’t currently have a way of displaying it on my website. So I started hacking on a tool to PESOS reviews from Letterboxd to a Micropub endpoint. WIP.
  • L made a Christmas wreath for the door in a workshop with her village friends.
  • I installed Tado smart thermostats for the underfloor heating in two rooms at home. Nothing went wrong. It makes me happy being able to ask Alexa or Siri to put the heating on, especially when it’s sub-zero outside.
  • I have ordered six further thermostats. I may have a smart home problem.
  • Thanks to Black Friday, I’ve made a reasonable start to my Christmas shopping.