Week 19: Films

  • I had a surprise present from L: a Yamaha Reface YC synth/organ donated to a charity auction by the band Django Django that she won. It’s been a long time since I’ve owned a keyboard, but I’m enjoying playing carols and tinkering on Garageband.
  • I finished reading Bob Mortimer’s “And Away…” autobiography. It’s funny, sweet and gentle. I’ve loved his work over the years, but didn’t realise he was so shy.
  • We are lucky to have cleaners. Over the Christmas break they return to Poland for a fortnight and their absence reminds us exactly how wonderful they are.
  • Our cooker hood has been beeping and flashing with an icon after use, requiring a replacement carbon filter which I dutifully ordered. But it turns out it’s only needed if the hood circulates rather than extracts: our hood was set incorrectly. Household technology is confusing.
  • I finished a small tool to post film reviews I log on my Letterboxd profile to my website that I started a few weeks ago. It’s open-sourced on GitHub as OwnMyLetterboxd. The Architect framework makes it a doddle to use EventBridge, Lambda and DynamoDB on AWS to do the hard work. Examples: Die Hard and Don’t Look Up.
  • This Christmas the boys have been enjoying their new toys, but especially games I played in my youth like Snakes and Ladders and Guess Who? I approve.
  • Having planned to go out while L’s parents babysat on New Year’s Eve, we decided to stay in. Just too much Covid transmission about. Instead we stayed safe and had dinner all together.