Week 22: New

  • The week started with a very nice breakfast with L at Bill’s in nearby Welwyn Garden City. Full English, naturally. No kids and a potter around the shops.
  • It was the first of a couple of days off between jobs, so I also took the chance to watch my eldest son’s swimming lesson. He managed back crawl without a float for the first time. Amazing.
  • I tidied and cleaned my office and finished setting up my new work laptop. All ready for my first day on Wednesday. Gulp.
  • A new beginning at Privitar! I went straight into a two-day goal-setting workshop with my new engineering leadership team. I was straight into the deep end, but it meant I had valuable context to absorb from the off.
  • My first impressions are good: smart people, an ambitious company and an impressive product.
  • With the government’s WFH guidance relaxing next week, I’ve planned to visit the office (for the first time!) and properly meet people face-to-face.
  • Having mostly avoided Covid, Chicken Pox is running through C’s class. We’ve found a few spots on his back 😬