Week 23: Sickness

  • As I feared in last week’s weeknotes, C was struck down with chicken pox this week. Poor boy has had little spots all over his body and head. His nightly bath now includes a sock filled with porridge oats to soothe him, which I’m assured by L is more than just an old wives’ tale! He should be well enough to go back to nursery on Monday.
  • And, to add to the fun, H tested positive for Covid on Sunday. He’s the first of our family to catch it, and probably not the last. We fully expect the boys to swap illnesses next week. The adults have both had chicken pox when young, but Covid is now looking more likely for us too.
  • Sunday’s family day out to London was therefore sadly cancelled. L had booked tickets to the Science Museum and Natural History Museum with friends and their children, and all ages were excited to visit. Seeing the dinosaurs and the flushable, cross-section toilet will have to wait.
  • Meanwhile… my new job is progressing well. I’ve been speaking to as many new colleagues as possible, including our engineering managers. The level of technical skills I’ve found is impressive.
  • I was excited to break out of Zoom calls by visiting the office for the first time. Only a handful of people were in, but it was nice to spend time with people face-to-face. The office is smart, bright, well-equipped and barely-used since its opening just before the first lockdown. I’m planning to spend more time there each week.


  • Oh no, sorry to hear it's a week of 😷, hope y'all feel better soon 🤗In better news I didn't realise you had a new job! Congrats and glad it's been going well 👏🏽