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    Got a quick question for you, knowing that it’s probably too nuanced for a tweet: it’s always said that moving from IC to EM is a career change more than…

@mg0stisha I’ve found it’s not quite as big a jump as IC to EM, but it does require a fresh approach:

  • As an EM you get direct, regular feedback from your team of ICs on progress and issues; as an ED (or other manager of managers) you’re another layer removed.
  • It’s tempting to micro-manage but I focus on building trust so my EMs feel empowered but safe to bring challenges to me.
  • By default I try to coach even when it’s tempting to solve problems for them.
  • As director your accountability is broader but you may have less context when reporting across the organisation. I’ve personally found that tough.
  • Your job is now to build relationships with directors of other functions (e.g. product) and ensure you’re aligned.
  • Finally, I look for opportunities to sponsor people for projects rather than own them myself. Your shared successes take longer to emerge, but when they come they’re hugely rewarding!

(a bit longer than a tweet…! I’m planning a longer blog post)