Week 37: Bike

  • For Bank Holiday Monday we took the boys to Woodside Animal Farm near Luton. It ticked all the boxes: animals to feed, tractor trailer rides, play equipment, bouncy castle, fairground rides, crazy golf and ice creams. I even managed to sneak in a few frames of the snooker on my phone.
  • As hoped for last week, Ronnie won his seventh world championship snooker title. Amazing talent and longevity.
  • On my office days I catch a couple of trains to London. During the first Covid lockdown the non-stop service to London was suspended, so the first leg takes 40 instead of 19 minutes. Passenger numbers are now up, fares are up, but still no fast trains. I’ve signed a petition in the hope GNR bring it back. An extra few minutes in bed would be nice.
  • I’ve been testing out Render for hosting Micropublish. Heroku has been left to stagnate and I’d rather use a service that is growing.
  • We bought H a bike for his fourth birthday. He didn’t really take to it, much preferring his scooter. However, this weekend, he dragged it out of the shed and asked for the stabilisers to be removed. It took him a few goes, but he’s able to ride it in the garden and is gaining confidence.