Week 39: Sword

  • Our engineering leadership team sat down for three strategy days this week, aiming to define a vision to take us to 2025. I enjoy these opportunities to step back and think about where the gaps are, what our focus should be and what needs to be done. Plenty of Miro boards full of Post-It notes to review.
  • I dusted off my Nintendo Wii during the first Covid lockdown. H has been enjoying some of my easier, more accessible games, like New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Kart Wii. I had held back the Legend of Zelda games I had because I felt they would be too difficult and scary in places, but this week I spun up Skyward Sword for him. He’s learning to be patient and persevere with the puzzles. It won’t be long before he overtakes my saved game, I’m sure.
  • After his initial bike-riding enthusiasm, H wanted to practise, but we found a slow puncture in his front tyre. I did the inner-tube-in-a-bucket-of-water trick to find the hole, glued on a patch and reassembled the tyre. Kind of surprisingly it worked. H was back on two wheels and managed to cycle all the way across the park.
  • Arsenal’s race for fourth place ended in a whimper, but the signs are encouraging for the future: we’ve got a talented, young squad who will only get better. Now for a few months of transfer rumours to endure before it all starts again.