Week 46: Wedding

  • Our home broadband is still borked following last week’s lightning strike. We’re stuck in a Kafkaesque nightmare where blame is passed between Sky (ISP) and Openreach (infrastructure), while each person I (eventually) speak to gives a different answer. Shambles.
  • The boys have adapted to life without the internet: they watch live TV, play Switch games and enjoy offline apps on their tablets. It’s their parents who are suffering!
  • I’m acting as an interim engineering manager for one of my teams at work, for which we had a team dinner at The Refinery on Wednesday. The evening also doubled-up as leaving drinks for Konstantin, the outgoing EM. We moved on to Beer Hawk where a few of us sampled the non-alcoholic beers because we were due to drive home from train stations. Times have changed! Next week it’s our summer party so I’ll make sure I get a taxi.
  • It’s heating up in the UK and next week promises even higher temperatures of 34C. It’ll be hotter than the Greek islands. Heat is all very well on holiday with air-conditioned rooms, but not at home when it brings sweltering nights.
  • L and I ended the week at a wedding near Wokingham, leaving the boys with my in-laws. The happy couple are friends from NCT classes from before our eldest was born, so I had to do my best socialising and small-talking with strangers. A few gin cocktails and some wine helped smooth things along. L even complimented me on my willingness to hit the dance floor. Well, if the wedding DJ is going to play songs by 5ive I’m happy to give it a go!