Week 47 - Sun

  • I was back at The Oval with Andy for England’s day-night ODI v India. We worried about sunburn and dehydration from sitting in the sun all afternoon, but England helpfully capitulated and we were in the pub by 4:15pm.
  • Our broadband saga is over. An Openreach engineer visited and confirmed that, yes, our router was indeed broken and got Sky to agree to send a replacement. What a waste of time.
  • The boys are keeping busy. H has decided to become a YouTuber reviewing his Nintendo Switch games. I set up my iPhone on a little tripod pointing at the Switch screen while he talks over the game. He’s good! I’m looking forward to him buying Daddy a house one day with his YouTube millions.
  • His little brother meanwhile is obsessed with the Solar System. He draws countless pictures of planets orbiting the Sun, lines up his stacking cups in order of planet size and sings little songs he’s watched on YouTube Kids.
  • My week took a downturn when I tested positive for Covid. My second time, but I just have a scratchy throat. I trace it back to last weekend’s wedding, but it’s hard to say. So far no one else at home has tested positive, and I’ve stayed at home to avoid spreading it. However, it meant I missed work’s summer party, Village Day and a neighbour’s birthday drinks 😡
  • It’s heating up: the week ended at 31C with next week forecasted to reach 40C.