Week 52 - Solo

  • It’s the school holidays, so to break up the monotony of having the boys every day at home, L took them to stay at her parents’ in Wiltshire for the week. It’s so incredibly quiet without the three of them.
  • With no one waiting for me at home I took the opportunity to stay after work on Wednesday for Ana’s leaving drinks at Beer Hawk near the office. I had a great evening socialising with my team. It’s a hassle organising taxis to/from the station if I want a couple of drinks, but the effort is always worthwhile.
  • I binge-watched the Arsenal edition of All or Nothing. The series really does humanise the players, but it was manager Mikel Arteta that I found most compelling. You saw his focus on the psychology as well as the athletic performance of his players. I’m not sure shouting and screaming would transfer to my role, but there was a lot to admire about his personal stories, belief and attempts to grow a winning team spirit.
  • I also watched a couple of films. Old was a bit cheesy but gripping, while Man of Steel was fun, if only because of my boyhood obsession with Superman. My prized pyjamas with cape are sadly long gone.
  • The hygienist said I have very good teeth, but I’m brushing them wrong. Plus ça change.
  • With a Saturday to myself I made myself a list of chores: I cleaned my office, did my paperwork, replied to those emails and washed my car properly. Then I watched all the football with a few beers. Not bad.
  • L came back on Sunday to a) save me from my solitude b) celebrate our wedding anniversary, pushed back to when the boys could be looked after. We went for a very nice lunch at The Ivy St Albans, pottered around the shops and finished with drinks at the local pub as the sun set. All with no children!
  • One whole year of writing these things every Sunday evening. While I’m still enjoying the ritual I’ll keep going. Thanks for reading ❤️