Week 53 - Launch

  • After last week’s peace and quiet, L brought the boys back from her parents’. Chaos has resumed.
  • At work we announced the GA version of the platform we’ve been building since early 2020, long before I joined. Of course, software is never “done” and we’re continuing to actively develop it, but it’s now ready for some very large customers to use. Feels good to launch.
  • In my new VP Engineering role I’ve been engaging with contractors/consultants which has meant raising Purchase Orders in Oracle NetSuite. Whenever I get imposter syndrome working with the seriously talented, bright engineers in our team, I only need to use third-party ERP software like this where clearly no one cares about UX.
  • Unusually for me I felt a little poorly this week so took a sick day and skipped my two days in the office to avoid spreading germs. It was surprising how isolated I felt not joining my team in person. I think the hybrid working pattern is the best for me.
  • It was sad to read about the end of free at Heroku. Although I’d moved a paid app away to Render in May, I still have a few tiny, rarely-used apps with Heroku. I also paid for commercial plans in two previous roles which I may not have done had I not kicked the tyres first with free apps. These days I build with Architect and host for pennies with AWS.
  • We took the boys to nearby Knebworth Cricket Club for their family day. With beautiful Knebworth House in the background, both boys got to join in with some drills and play a game, while Daddy enjoyed a burger and pint. A winning combination.