Week 56 - Quiz

  • The nation is in full-on mourning mode following the Queen’s death last week. Brands are jumping on the grief bandwagon, sporting events are still being cancelled and TV is dominated by pre-funeral coverage. The only positive for me has been the low-key, downbeat radio programming: just my cup of tea!
  • I met up for a few nice craft beers with Andy after work at Beer Hawk South Bank.
  • On the way back to Blackfriars station to catch my train home I passed “The Queue”. Waiting (and talking about waiting) to see the Queen’s coffin is a current national obsession. It was about 9pm so these people would still have had many hours of queueing through the night ahead of them, and yet all seemed quite content.
  • My iPhone 14 Pro arrived on release day: my first new phone in three years. I’m upgrading from an iPhone 11 Pro, so the noticeable improvements are the (even) better cameras, snappier CPU, 120Hz display, 5G and the new Dynamic Island. The camera bump is obscene, but a smart orange case slightly limits how far it protrudes.
  • The data transfer process wasn’t great: like others’, my phone locked up and needed a hard reboot at the end. I had a few anxious moments assuming that I’d bricked it, but all has been fine since rebooting.
  • Another bloody spider woke us up by triggering our over-sensitive house alarm 😡
  • We joined a team at our first annual village quiz on Saturday. This was no ordinary pub quiz. Yes, there were themed rounds of questions, but over the course of nearly four hours we also had a separate on-paper quiz, fish and chips supper and a team game involving carrying oranges between your knees. We didn’t disgrace ourselves thankfully.
  • We finished the week with a visit from my parents. My dad was put to work, helping me fix a broken door handle and hanging a big mirror in our hall. The boys then sat nicely for a lunch of healthy salad followed by Cornettos.