Week 66 - Sky

  • It was my birthday on Monday. I had taken the day off, but was feeling a bit under the weather, so lunch out with L was swapped for a takeaway. It did mean I could watch England’s 6-2 romp against Iran, plus some time playing FIFA 23, a present from my boys.
  • H was very happy to give me FIFA because it meant he could play it himself. So far Daddy is undefeated in our matches, but the gap is closing fast. He’s also quickly learning all the players’ names, just as I did years ago playing Sensible Soccer.
  • I renewed my Craft subscription in their half-price Black Friday sale. I’m a very happy customer. I use it for everything I write, from my work notes, reasearch and todos, to these weeknotes.
  • With the recent interest in Mastodon and the Fediverse in general, I’ve been chewing over self-hosting my own ActivityPub server. I don’t want to have an always-on Mastodon instance: it’s a great candidate for a serverless app using queues and functions. Reading and thinking.
  • I broke a shoelace so, while shopping at the weekend, I visited the little cobblers in town. I found a suitable replacement but the owner would only accept cash. I walked out and found the same pair of laces on Amazon for next-day delivery. The death of the high street really is self-inflicted.
  • My time as a Sky customer is over after 13 years. Freesat/Freeview and apps are fine for now, especially with the World Cup on terrestrial TV. I may be tempted to pay for Premier League football when it resumes via their Now service (or Sky Stream), but for now I’m pleased to “cut the cord”.
  • I’ve watched plenty of World Cup football in its first week. England were annoyingly stodgy against the USA, but the tournament is gathering pace with a few surprising results. Even Morocco, my work sweepstake team, is still in with a chance.