Week 90 - Gymnastics

  • Another Bank Holiday Monday. This one followed the Coronation weekend. The village had organised a themed treasure hunt which we persevered with in the rain. I solved the anagram, L held her clipboard and the boys (mostly) found the clues.
  • I spent some daddy-son time with youngest son, C, this week. First, taking him to the doctors for an ear check-up, then on to the bakery for a treat. But as he’s intolerant of dairy and wheat the best they could do was crisps and an apple juice. He was happy nonetheless. Next we went to gymnastics: he can now do a proper forward pike roll and dance enthusiastically to Shake It Off.
  • Eurovision isn’t my jam. It makes many people very happy, but I’d rather watch the first couple of episodes of The Last Of Us. After cancelling Sky last year we decided to add the Entertainment package to Now for a month and binge the things we’ve missed. We’re also up to episode three of Succession which was just staggeringly good.
  • The Sunday sunshine couldn’t take the edge off Arsenal’s loss to Brighton. That’s the title gone for sure 😔. But the narrative pedalled by rivals that we choked is nonsense. Is anyone capable of overcoming Manchester City?