Week 128 - Sofa

  • We’ve booked a holiday at Easter. We’re returning to the nice Center Parcs in Belgium we stayed in a year ago. Like last time I insisted we hire a lodge with a sauna so I can pretend to be Scandinavian.
  • Dry January is over. I hadn’t missed the booze that much, but I also hadn’t really noticed a sudden jump in my health that some experience. Maybe I’m just fine with the odd beer or glass of wine.
  • A nice surprise: HMRC owe me money for overpayment of tax. Unsurprisingly, it’s far slower and more onerous to get money out of them than if it was the other way around. Still, nice to have money coming back.
  • L caught me looking at cars online so she swiftly diverted me to planning a refurbishment of our living room. I fired up Excalidraw to sketch a new layout with new built-in cabinets. This could be expensive. It looks like I’ll be buying a sofa, not a Tesla.
  • H’s under-8s football team beat St Albans 7-5, including a double hat-trick from one of his teammates. That’s four wins in a row. I realised I’ve now watched his team more times than I’ve been to watch Arsenal. Somehow I don’t think it would be appropriate if I turned up in a replica shirt.