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Reposted Twitter (@twitter) Twitter (@twitter)’s post on Twitter
Say more with revamped quote Tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.

Finally got round to allowing my reposts to have a comment/content to support Twitter’s new(ish) retweet-with-comment functionality.

Micropublish also had a bump to show the content field when posting.

A few small site updates this evening. I’ve updated my Micropub syndication handling to work with PHP-style arrays as per Aaron’s new approach.

Secondly, after a few garbled webmentions, I’ve switched away from the Ruby Microformats 2 parser to use the PHP library which seems to be more complete, especially for nested attributes.

Using camo for SSL image proxying

I’ve just set up SSL image proxying on my website through camo to make sure any external non-https images are served via https. Camo is a simple HTTP proxy that also encrypts URLs with HMAC to prevent someone piggy-backing off your service.

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New feature on this site courtesy of Bridgy: I can now “like” photos on Instagram. Using Quill I first post a like to an Instagram photo’s permalink. This is then sent to my site’s endpoint which creates the page and sends a webmention for Bridgy to notify Instagram. Meanwhile my site grabs the image thumbnail and title to display on my site.

For example: here’s a like from this morning:

All very easy. I just glue together the loosely coupled pieces.

And so it’s time to launch a new version of my personal website, Over the last few weeks I’ve been building this new platform from scratch with a few new key aims:

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