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Node library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API

Reposted Venntro Development Venntro Development’s post on Twitter
"Reporting Cucumber Results in Slack" - new post on our blog by @stevesmith2609 #cucumber #automation

Sad about @IFTTT dropping @Pinboard, but requiring services to change integrations (and accept ToS) is back-to-front

Using Alfred to setup your dev environment

Ghost Inspector

Automated Website Testing. Record yourself browsing. Make assertions. Replay in the cloud.


Add cards to your chosen Trello list via Alfred


Automation service, similar to IFTTT

Octopus Deploy

Automated deployment for .NET

Crisp Thinking

Behavioural analysis to combat fraud, scammers and spam - NetModerator


Library for writing automated tests that drive web browsers


Configuration management using “code not by running commands”