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June 2013

@boffbowsh I preferred FW’s paid model. Feedly didn’t seem to offer subscriptions export.

Ahead of the Google Reader #rssapocalypse I’ve paid for @FeedWrangler and ReadKit Mac and await @reederapp 3.2. Starred items are in Pocket.

Perfect ending to the film 50/50: Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter. JGL superb as always.

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So excited beyond belief but still sad to be leaving @PierceComms. Looking forward to the move though cc/ @globalpersonals @globaldev

@carmat71 Good to have another Gooner on board. Welcome.


Quick access to HTML, CSS and jQuery documentation

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I've been waiting over 20 years for Virtual Reality to take off :)

@hobbsy For some reason I still remember watching Lawnmower Man round your house in the early 90s. Made a big impact on me.

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@barryf Hang on, I'm pretty sure it was a collaborative effort. Glory hunter.

@timblair Nice try. I’ll thank you in my Oscars speech though.

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@barryf We're proud of you Barry. You're the hero Global deserves.

@StevieBuckley You’re too kind.

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@barryf said cracking idea going to involve @PoppyCatFlap ?

@cronkshaw Sadly not. I think she’s broken her sensor! There may be legs in a pet tracking business though. One for @LanciaConsult ?!

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@barryf hero, or patient zero?

@boffbowsh “It all began when one innocent man came to work early. It was the day the world changed. Forever…”

Also quite proud of a cracking idea I had this morning. Not sure if I’m now being controlled by Lemsip though.

Stinking cold but was in the office before 7am today #hero

Voice and Tone

Copywriting and tone-of-voice guidelines used by MailChimp

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@barryf Thanks for completing the form. We have your details and we will be in touch soon.

@BTCare I’ve spoken to Mark in your call centre. Today’s delivery was also incorrect (now 3 failures!) so he’s put through another order.

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@barryf Please use the link to send your details and I will look into this:

@BTCare I’ve filled out the form, incident no. 130626-004709. No sign of the router today.

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@barryf If you let me know what the issue is you are having I am sure I will be able to help.

@BTCare Thanks for the offer, just frustrated. Router delivered to old address then 2nd router not delivered today because linked to old.

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@barryf When I had a nightmare with them their twitter team were actually excellent help. The rest were muppets

@mr_mcd I’m left trusting woman who says this time my router will actually be delivered tomorrow, as it should’ve been for the last two days

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@barryf They'll be tripping over themselves to help you now. That's if their broadband's working so they can check Twitter.

@grayhaze I think their ordering system is a series of post-it notes stuck to cats left to roam around a big warehouse.

I know it’s pointless to rant on social networks about hapless service providers, but BT really are staffed by witless incompetents.

Scaling Cheddar

Lessons in scaling, including third-party that block, ETAGs and CDN usage


Fast switching between Standard and HiDPI display modes. For testing of Retina graphics on your Mac

I’m at @BushHallMusic for Martin Rossiter and Jennifer Left (Shepherd’s Bush, London) w/ 2 others

iOS Device Summary: iOS 7 Update

Processors, screen size and iOS version support


Colour palette/scheme picker

If I click your “unsubscribe” link on your newsletter, please don’t send me another email to tell me you’ve unsubscribed me


Virtual workforce/crowdsourcing business

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@agit8or @thesambarnes @boffbowsh @globalpersonals haha I'm dreading 10am tomorrow morning now! @barryf can you play the good cop?

@AL0sborne I think we’ll need you to pitch. @agit8or will then deliver his verdict through a speakerphone.

Jason, if you hadn’t dithered with your logo colours we’d have had more @globalpersonals office screen time. For that reason #gpyourefired

.@globalpersonals@agit8or was the star of tonight’s #theapprentice. Lucy telling Luisa and Jason they only had 1.5hr was also superb.

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@samsworldofno @barryf would either/both you like to talk to the team about any feedback you have thus far and chat about our future plans?

@badrij Sure. Drop me an email at bfrost [at] globalpersonals [dot] co [dot] uk

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@barryf nice! Happy to help. We're going to need some nosql and jruby support for most of our apps :)

@samsworldofno Thanks for the tip! Yes, it’s missing a few things, but already useful for many of our internal tools and little web apps.

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Checking out Snap CI ( If you're on the github/rails/mri/heroku happy path, it's already super useful and very easy.

Hooked up @thoughtworks’ Snap CI to build/deploy a simple Ruby app from @GitHub to @Heroku. Easy and very useful. h/t @samsworldofno

Excited to reveal that we’re part of tonight’s The Apprentice: the teams were in our office designing online dating sites #theapprentice

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@barryf no big rush, may hold off for a few extra beta releases I think. Hope you're all well

@ppounder We’re very well thanks. You can see our offices again if you watch The Apprentice - we’re part of tonight’s online dating task.

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BBC’s The Apprentice calls on @GlobalPersonals dating industry expertise in tonight's episode. Tune in - BBC1 at 9pm!
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@barryf glad you put that, I was gonna stick it on mine tonight. Will hold off then

@ppounder I’d recommend trying it if you’re developing apps and want to see what’s new, but I found it clunky on my main phone.

It was fun for a week, but I’ve downgraded iOS 7 back to 6.1.4. ‘Classic’ apps’ UIs are just too jarring in daily use. Busy summer for devs.

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@barryf You need to enhance the sensor so you can tweet if she is coming or going.

@cronkshaw Hmm. Might need another sensor outside for that. I’ll have a think :)

@cronkshaw How’s your Pebble? What you expected when you ordered?

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@barryf I am addicted to the exploits of @PoppyCatFlap !!!

@cronkshaw Love it! She has a dedicated fanbase of two. Laura is (rightly) nonplussed.

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Great opportunity @globalpersonals for a new Project Manager: via @theresumator #WebPM

How you should look in iOS 7

Design principles for iOS 7 apps

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Much respect to @barryf and his WeMo / IFTT powered twitter transmitting catflap alert system - @PoppyCatFlap - that's why geeks rule :-)

@cronkshaw Ha, I don’t know about respect! You’re busy taking on the world with your own business; I’ve automated tweets about my cat.

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@PoppyCatFlap @barryf The mind boggles.

@Tomtids It’s a new low for Twitter.

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@barryf Have you just written a catflap twitter API :-)

@cronkshaw Almost :) Geeky weekend project: Belkin WeMo sensor is next to her cat flap, connected to the internet, IFTTT then tweets it.

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Poppy just went through her cat flap

Ninja Blocks

“Internet of things” - sensors and switches with internet connectivity

Spent an enjoyable afternoon hacking through ObjC and iOS examples. Lots of books out there – any recommendations?

cantino/ruby-readability · GitHub

jiminoc/goose · GitHub


The boilerpipe library provides algorithms to detect and remove the surplus “clutter” (boilerplate, templates) around the main textual content of a web page.


A Photoshop template of GUI elements found in the beta 1 release of iOS 7

Adobe Edge Web Fonts


Compress PNG images while preserving transparency


Cloud-based SMS API that lets you send and receive high volume of messages at wholesale rates.

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@barryf HOW?

@cronkshaw Ha, it’s clearly a WIP (and will change before Autumn) but beyond the odd icons it’s a smart way forward.

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@barryf Reckon it's stable enough to install on my primary phone?

@StevieBuckley It’s wonky in a few places but no show-stoppers yet.

Upgraded to iOS7 last night: solid, no crashes so far and I quite like the new design approach. Other apps look sorely out of place though.

iOS badly needed this design fork. It’s certainly challenging but I’m sure it’ll all make sense when you actually use it.

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Beautiful bit of motion there from Apple.

@andrewgarner appetite = whet

Upping Your Type Game

Web typography and choosing the right typeface

A Collection of Page Transitions

CSS and JavaScript animations in the browser

Scaling PostgreSQL Performance Using Table Partitioning

Twitter Typeahead.js

Autocomplete jQuery plugin

Startup Launch Checklist

(also applies to any new product launch)

System Architectures for Personalization and Recommendation

Lessons learned in a year on my own

Hack Your Maps

Building maps using open mapping tools


“ApiAxle is a proxy that sits on your network, in front of your API(s) and manages things that you shouldn’t have to like rate limiting, authentication and caching. It’s fast, open and easy to configure.”

Beating Snake

Animated gif showing Nokia’s Snake game being completed

Project Looking Glass

Office-to-office video screens using Raspberry Pis


Distribute iOS/Mac/Android app builds to testers, get feedback, view analytics and review crash logs. Similar to TestFlight

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Just used a hashtag in an email to my Mum without even thinking. That’s going to confuse the hell out of her.

@boffbowsh Was it #totesamazeballs ?

Branding: Google Visual Assets Guidelines

@kellyedworthy Re: August birthdays - thought you might find this interesting

@larrylou100 RT @PennWoodPrimary: Our chicks are growing up and are getting ready to fly the nest.

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The rise of the hardware startup

Not a bad view from the kitchen window this evening. Horses and their foals.

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Psst! We’ve posted slide and video links for almost all sessions from this past year:

Scrum Student Resources

Recommended reading list for those embarking on Scrum

Cloudstacks | Leanstack

Lists the services and tools used behind the scenes by web companies. Also has a directory of these services.

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If you were setting up a mailing list for 5 people and think Yahoogroups is a bit 1998 what would you use?

@robmanuel Basecamp Breeze might suit you