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November 2000

Saw my first Premiership football last night: missing seeing football in the papers and on TV every day, even if Arsenal are doing crap at the moment. Was at the Cavalier, our nearest pub which is a ten minute walk away. We’re bang in the middle of cafe and restaurant land but in the arse end of nowhere as far as bars and pubs are concerned. Can’t really complain, though, because Ponsonby’s quite a funky place to live and there’s an off licence at the bottom of the road.

Might be going canyoning or trying for a skydive next weekend; this weekend’s earmarked for lying about on the beach and sleeping. So knackered at the moment - am getting up at 6.30 every morning to start work at 8.30 and then staying up late - and could do with a major lie-in. Sue’s champing at the bit to go exploring another island but I could do with a weekend off.

Had my first full week at Executive Taskforce and it’s going well. The work’s starting to build up and I’ve been given a few mini projects to complete which suggests they want me to stay longer. I’m still hoping to get some sort of website work after Christmas, but this’ll pay the rent in the mean time.

Had another fantastic weekend: Sue took me to Rangitoto Island on Saturday for my birthday “outing”. It’s a dormant volcano on the other side of the harbour and the island’s made entirely of lava with vegetation built up on top. We took the ferry there, rode halfway up on a “safari bus” and then walked up to the summit crater. It was very “Gorillas in the Mist” because the clouds were so low and it had started raining. When we got to the summit we were actually in the cloud and you could barely see anything but, eerily quickly, the clouds disappeared and the harbour gradually appeared. Amazing. Before that we’d had lunch at the Harbour-side Restaurant - will definitely return for some more seafood.

Things are starting to get a bit tetchy in the house. Sue’s getting narked at things like the frying pan disappearing into the downstairs flat, Richard’s pissed off he hasn’t got a job, Stu and Helen have taken their hate-hate bitchy sessions too far, Dan’s got an ear infection and Joanna’s got scabies from her bed! Must stop taking the piss but it’s hilarious given that she’s such a clean and tidy girl!

Had an excellent weekend without even stepping into (and out of) a plane. Because of the weather we had to abandon any hope of skydiving, nevertheless, we instead went jet-boating up the rapids on a river at Taupo, went paddling in hot springs and saw the exploding mud pools and geysers of Rotorua and then went on to go lugeing. The last was by far the best: a gondola takes you to the top of a big hill onto which has been carved little roads on which you ride a buggy which freewheels all the way down. It’s a big like tobogganing but not so cold. The best fun was zooming round the corners, braking late and overtaking everyone. Again again!

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Sorry I haven’t written in a while but, since I left you, the job situation’s sorted. I start at “Tempforce” tomorrow doing databases. It’s not the web work I was looking for but they’ve promised to find something more exciting when my mini-project’s up. Also encouraging is a few design companies emailing me to say that they’d like to look at me in the new year. Sue’s muscled her way in to a receptionist job working for Kiwi Dairies, I think. Money at last!

We went to Waiheke Island on Sunday, a titchy island just off Auckland. We paddled, ate fish and chips, waited for buses and drank beer while watching the Lewis v Tua fight. The poor Kiwis got ever so excited about their little fighter, neglecting to notice that he didn’t land a punch and was largely crap. Still, at least the All Blacks beat the French.

Going on a skydiving weekend tomorrow evening. I am shit scared of heights. You may very well never hear from me again. If I don’t see you again, have good lives…

Things are starting to take shape. Completed my first week of Telesales hell, found 0800 CURRIES whose curries are quite clearly worth living for, adopted a tortoise-shell kitten who is a blatant attention whore and have bought funky new trousers. The NZ Dollar is seriously crap at the moment: the national average wage is about £10,000 and because the pound is so strong, we’re like virtual kings out here. Kiwis seem to get very excited when we walk into shops and even over-priced jeans are no object to my might currency. Wuhahaha.

Sue’s playing receptionist today and may well have won herself a fulltime job - “sweet as”, as the locals say. I’m sadly having less luck after learning that all the skilled IT people have moved to Australia/UK simply because there are so few IT jobs here. It doesn’t help when employment agencies say, “ColdFusion web developer? Wow, they’re crying out for you guys in London, aren’t they?” Bastards. Back to the telesales next week and a couple of days of “distribution” which entails packaging T-shirts and posters.

Hope everything’s “choice” back home.

We’re now settling into the new house. It’s a bit sparse - just mattresses and the innards of rucksacs everwhere - but it’s starting to feel like home. NZ rented houses seem to be pretty much all non-furnished and, because we’re off backpacking next year, there’s not too much point in buying things we can’t take with us. Nevertheless, we’re renting a TV and sampled our first night of kiwi TV last night. Sadly, this consisted of Ainsley Harriot, Emmerdale, Corrie and Eastenders. Oh dear.

In the absence of anything decent Sue and I started swallowed our pride and sold our sole to the telesales devil on Monday. Much as I’d expected it consists of bullying old people into buying something they’ve already filled in a coupon saying they don’t want. Worse, we’ve got a target of two “sales” an hour despite the fact that it’s nothing to do with your own salesperson abilities and more to do with how stupid people are! Please job god, find us something soon!

After even more wrangling with reluctant landlords, we’ve at last found a house. It’s actually a big house converted into two flats in “fashionable” Ponsonby. I’m upstairs with Sue, Helen and Joanna; downstairs is Stu, Daniel and Rich: somehow I’ve been relegated to the girly floor. It’s unfurnished so we’re going to spend this afternoon trawling the second-hand furniture shops, renting TVs and things.

Stu and Daniel have now bought a car. It’s this big silver brick with acid smiley faces on the windows, automatic and can just about squeeze four of us in the back. Sadly, the girls have already named it “Bertha”. Oh dear.

Had more job agency interviews: went to Duncan Ryan who seem to have a few irons in the fire for me but, as yet, I’ve not had any definite offers. Don’t want to say too much but I should know more by Tuesday. Sue’s starting the telesales next week and I’m quite tempted to join her, Stu and Helen so I can start earning something to pay the rent!