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April 2010

Completely absorbed in the snooker. Steve Davis clinging on against a flamin’ Aussie.

@marckysharky That would look lovely framed in the office. Awesome.

Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison

10 words I'd ban from all websites

Welcome, please, click here, mandatory fields, etc.

12 Indirect Job Interview Questions and What They Really Reveal

Overcommitted... to apps we love.

iPhone app agency. Ember, Tripmix and Skitzy

Random Key Generator

Strong, WPA, WEP, etc. passwords


Mobile/landline phone payments

Acting CTO Role in a Start-up

First tasks for an interim/acting CTO

"Mad Libs" Style Form Increases Conversion 25-40%

Worth testing - friendly way of getting sign-ups


Mobile payments system, as used by Facebook


Cloud-based hosted database solution for MongoDB


Library for writing automated tests that drive web browsers

Bernard Butler teaches you to play Animal Nitrate

Legend. From 6Music’s The Axe Factor

On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services

iPad Orientation CSS

Selectively use distinct stylesheets depending on your iPad’s orientation

HTML5 Video Destruction

Demo of what’s possible with modern browsers - click to explode fragments of a video

Tweeting from the command line

Ian’s script, useful if you’re an utter shell nerd like him

High Scalability - Architecture


Gerrit is a web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system.

Automatic Reconnection of MySQL Connections in Active Record

Active Record since version 2.3 supports this reconnect option. Per default it’s set to false, but it can be enabled by adding reconnect = true to database options in database.yml.


A visualisation and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and graphs: make pretty pictures from your node/edge databases.

Demo jPlayer 1.1.0

jQuery audio player plugin

Quarter of tweens on social networks

“A quarter of UK internet users aged eight to 12 had profiles on Facebook, Bebo or MySpace last year, research has found, although the lowest minimum age set on any of the sites is 13.” “44% of children between 12 and 15 thought downloading shared copies of films and music for free should not be illegal.”

Copying Code from Textmate to Keynote with Style

Bundle that saves text as RTF and so therefore can still be edited in Keynote

Twitter, reformatted

Yahoo! Pipe to clean up Twitter’s RSS feeds—removing the username prefix and filtering out items that begin with “@” or “RT”

Off to the gym to do a bit of running while watching proper runners doing the #londonmarathon on the TVs.

@mattjukes Loved that, especially the way he casually described playing both lead and rhythm live. Legend.

Slept beautifully this morning without the usual motorway of planes over Windsor. Inconvenient for those delayed but ah well.

Back home from wonderful trip through Spain and planning to stay clear of pork-based products for a little bit.

In Malaga having a quick burst of Internet before tonight’s footy in town. Trip awesome: Madrid, Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba + more to come.